the limited edition of hardware waterproof clothing from berlin

Made from truck tarps and advertisement banners.
This collection is available to support our cultural space and to help our collective continue its art making

tHe collection

"This collection results of our resilience and unity generated throughout the city.
Providing pulse and impact, this LKW material reminds us of urban colourful shapes that bring wider perspectives to our environment.
Using activist methods these Hazard Trip hardware wearables are evoking feelings of a futuristic era."

the stoRy

The idea emerged from a kimono workshop organised by our Berlin collective.
During the process of pattern cutting, a donation of LKW plane material landed in our hands and completely modulated the assembly process.
As we have always found resources in our surroundings in order to be creative, this material was the perfect match to our vision!
The hazard trip jackets clearly identify their roots in our creative container space.
Their hardware touch has also protected us from the weather during outdoor festivals and free parties.
In these events, we realised their turn out of originality was creating new human connections.
More people grew interested in having a jacket.
Now two years later, we are finally launching a flash series of 40 unisex jackets.

Kollage Kollectiv

kollage kollectiv is an aRt crew composed of multimedia explorers. We share a common vision and are driven by a strong ethos. Transforming recycled materials into interactive installations through futuristic designs and engineering.

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"Wear our jacket, support our craft. Each purchase fuels our DIY space in Berlin, weaving you into our collective story of independence."