Stolen Fokus

Stolen Fokus is an exhibition made using recycled material and open resources. 

By hacking digital material available to us, we wish to bring another perspective on the use of technologies.
The digitalisation of activities leads us to spend more time on our electrical devices. This can feel quite overwhelming, especially when users don’t feel in control but under the influence of algorithms made by a few multinational companies.
We choose to take back control of the numeric world in order to let culture flourish.
We believe electronic networks and devices must be open and free because this is the only way to ensure citizen control and free culture.

Tour dates:
Palestra Lupo (Catania): 21 – 26th March
Magazzino (Palermo): 29th March – 2d April
Forte Prenestino (Rome): 6th – 8th April

Stolen Fokus at Palestra Lupo (Catania) – video made with Luca Guisy